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Dipping Powder

SNS/Dip ---------------

   French ---------------

   Ombre ---------------

Extension --------------

Special/ Long Shape ------

Clean Cuticle -----------


Classic Manicure ---------

Gel Manicure ------------

Deluxe Manicure ---------

   With Gel Polish ---------

Collagen gloves ----------

Paraffin -----------------

Acrylic Nails 

Solar Nails --------------

   With Gel Polish --------

   Ombre ---------------

   Pink & White ----------

Fill --------------------

   With Gel--------------

   One Color Solar -------

   Pink & White ----------

Fix --------------------

Special/ Long Shape ------
























Dipping Powder 

Dip powder (SNS, NexGen, Nu ...) can be applied on natural nails or extension for longer length as needed. It is thicker than gel, but thinner than acrylic nails. The product is enriched with Vitamin E and Calcium that allow your natural nails to grow stronger without breaking easily. ​

  • Odor free/ no liquid

  • No UV/LED light

  • Vitamin E + Calcium

  • Natural nails or Extension

  • Long lasting

  • Easy soak off

*We dispose powder after each client. 

Gel Manicure

It includes a classic manicure with gel polish that last about 2 weeks. A manicure includes cuticle cleaning, nail shape, massage, and color of your choice. 

  • Natural nails

  • Long lasting

  • Easy soak off


Deluxe Manicure

It is a classic manicure with collagen gloves and paraffin wax that leave your hands moisturized. 

Acrylic Nails 

We use solar powder for all the acrylic nails. This application is rigid and less flexible than dipping powder. It makes the nails thicker and use mainly for extension. Gel polish can be applied for longer shine and lasting. 

  • Extension



1. Spa (30 min) $32

A regular pedicure with sugar scrub gently removes the dead skin leaving your feet a fresh feeling. It includes the cuticle cleanup, nail filing, buffing, and callus remover treatment. Finish with the feet and leg massage, and a color of your choice. 


2. Deluxe (+masque treatment, 38 min) $40

Sweeten your day with the Vegan pedi kit that enriched with key ingredients giving your feet the nutrients it needs.

  • Masque treatment with hot towel rejuvenates the feet while massage cream hydrates and soothes deep tissue of the skin leaving your feet a pleasant feeling.

   ①Lavender ②Tangerine Twist ③Cucumber Fresh ④Jasmine


3. Signature Pedi 🌿 (+masque, paraffin or hot stone, and neck warmer 45 min) $47

Let your day melt away with the Organic Spa pedi kit with the most highly bio-active ingredients that gives your feet a youthful, radiant, and healthier look.  

  • Mask and massage cream restore the skin’s natural hydration and deeply nourish the skin leaving it smooth and hydrated. 

  • Paraffin wax therapy reduces cracked heels, increases the circulation, and relaxes tender muscles. Or your choice of hot stone massage that relieve stiffness and promotes longer relaxation. 

  • Bonus: Natural herbal neck warmer relieves stress, aches, and muscle pain (NOT OFFER RIGHT NOW) 

①Lavender + Mint ②Milk + Honey ③Jasmine + Coconut ④Tingling Mint + CBD

*CBD reduces inflammation within muscles and joint while giving a deep feeling of relaxation.

4. Volcano Spa 🌿 (+masque, paraffin, hot stone, and neck warmer, 55 min) $55

Relax and rejuvenate with organic Volcano Spa pedi kit that gives you a silky soft feeling while collagen ingredients reduce fine lines and wrinkles leaving your feet feeling youthful.

  • Detox crystal has a bubbling volcano eruption effect with moisturizing ingredients.

  • Collagen cream mask and massage lotion soften the skin, and leave your skin feeling hydrated all day.

  • Paraffin and hot stone promote longer relaxation, improve circulation and soothe aching joints.   

  • Bonus: Natural herbal neck warmer relieves stress, aches, and muscle pain (NOT OFFER RIGHT NOW)

   ①Lavender ②Green Tea & Aloe Vera ③Honey Pearl ④Gold + CBD

*CBD reduces inflammation within muscles and joint while giving a deep feeling of relaxation.

5. Jelly Collagen (+masque, paraffin, hot stone, and neck warmer, 60 min) $60

Relax and revive with Jelly Collagen spa kit that boost vibrancy of skin helping tone and renew texture while collagen diminishes lines and wrinkles that help to maintain skin’s youthful beauty. 

  •  Jelly has a gelatinous texture that retains heat to soothe aching muscles and alleviate joint pains. 

  • Creamy mask, relaxing gel, and massage cream with collagen ingredients and oil extracts moisturize dry, rough, and uncomfortable feet while deeply penetrating to help rebalance skin texture.

  • Paraffin and hot stone promote longer relaxation, improve circulation, and soothe aching pain.

  • Bonus: Natural herbal neck warmer relieves stress, aches, and muscle pain  (NOT OFFER RIGHT NOW) 

①Lavender & Lace ②Luxury Pearl ③Sweet Orange


Additional services: Gel polish (+$20), paraffin wax/ hot stone/ collagen socks (+$7)

Extra massage: 5 min (+$10), 10 min (+$15), 15 min (+$20), 20 min (+$25)

We use disposable liner, pumice, buffer, and file (one time use) for sanitization. 


Waxing - Eyelashes


Eyebrows ------------------

   With Tint -----------------

Upper Lip/Chin -------------

Sideburns ------------------

Face ----------------------

Back ----------------------

Underarms -----------------

Arms -----------------

Legs ------------------

***Price on waxing can be varied.


Perm/ Lift -------------------

   With Tint ------------------

Tint ------------------------

Cluster  --------------------

Extension ------------------

   Fill ----------------------


















Lash Lift 

Lash Lift (Perm) gives your natural lashes a boost to create an illusion of bigger eyes. The effect is similar to the eyelashes curler, but this lasts about 6-8 weeks with low maintenance. Lashes just need to stay dry and no mascara for the first 24 hours after the application. 


Tinting can be applied for both lashes and eyebrows. It gives a bold and darker look to your natural lashes while enhances the shape and color of the eyebrows to match with your hair color.  



Lash extension makes your lashes look longer and fuller to create a dramatic look. Refill is usually needed for every 2-3 weeks. 


Additional Services

Polish Changes

Regular polish --------

Gel polish ------------


Chrome -------------

Design --------------

French/ Color Tips ----


Cut Down/ Fix --------

Take off & service -----

Take off acrylic only ---

Take off SNS/Dip only -

Take off gel only ------


Polish Change -------

Mani/Pedi (<6yrs) ----

Mani/Pedi (<12yrs) ---
















We are established in 2000. Our salon was originally named Nails 2000 located in Twin Oaks shopping center. We relocated to this location since 2018, and renamed it as SoCo Nails Spa. We expand our services, provide better products, and stay up to date on the latest trends while continuing improving our customer services. 


Refund: If you are not completely satisfied with your service, please let us know at the time of the service. We will try our best to make the corrections necessary to exceed your expectation. You can also schedule for the correction within 5 days of your service.  


Guarantee: We have 7 days repair free of charge on gel polish and dip powder for chipping or lifting.


Color: Please be aware that sample for gel polish and dip powder might be slightly different, so be attentive when your technician apply the color. Change of mind for any reason after color is done will have additional fee. Same policy will be applied with the shape and length of the nails..


*We reserve the right to refuse services. 

Complimentary drink
Opal Chrome
SNS, Chrome
Aryclic Chrome
Ombre grow in the dark
Ombre Chrome
SNS Design

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