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1.Spa (30min)                                                                                              $35

A regular pedicure with sugar scrub gently exfoliates dead skin giving your feet a fresh feeling. It includes cuticle cleanup, nail filing, buffing, and callus remover treatment. Finish with feet and leg massage, and a color of your choice. 


2. Deluxe (+masque treatment, 40min)                                                                  $42

Sweeten your day with the Bubble Pedi kit that enriched with key ingredients giving your feet the nutrients it needs. 

  • Masque treatment with hot towel rejuvenates the feet while massage cream hydrates and soothes deep tissue of the skin leaving your feet a pleasant feeling. 

①Lavender ②Tropical Fruit


3. Signature Pedi 🌿 (+masque, paraffin or hot stone, and neck warmer, 45min)                 $48

Let your day melt away with the Vegan Spa Pedi kit that has the skin-loving ingredients giving your feet a youthful, radiant, and healthier look.  

  • Mask and massage cream restore the skin’s natural hydration and deeply nourish your skin leaving it smooth and hydrated. 

  • Paraffin wax therapy reduces cracked heels, increases the circulation, and relaxes tender muscles. Or your choice of hot stone massage that relives stiffness and promotes longer relaxation.

  • Natural herbal neck warmer relieves stress, aches, and muscle pain. 

①Lavender  ②Milk & Honey ③Hemp Relax


4. Volcano Spa 🌿 (+masque, paraffin, hot stone, and neck warmer, 55min)                       $55

Relax and rejuvenate with the Organic Volcano Spa Pedi kit that gives you a silky soft feeling while collagen ingredients reduce fine lines and wrinkles leaving your feet feeling youthful. 

  • Detox crystal has a bubbling volcano eruption effect with moisturizing ingredients. 

  • Collagen cream mask and massage lotion soften the skin, and leave your skin feeling hydrated all day.

  • Paraffin and hot stone promote longer relaxation, improve circulation, and soothe aching pain while herbal neck warmer relieves stress. 

①Lavender ②Green Tea & Aloe Vera  ③Honey Pearl ④Gold + CBD


5. Jelly Pedi 🌿 (+masque, paraffin, hot stone, and neck warmer, 60min)                         $60

Relax and revive with the Jelly Spa Pedi kit that boos the vibrancy of the skin to maintain skin’s youthful beauty. 

  • Jelly has a gelatinous texture that retains heat to soothe aching muscles and alleviate joint pains. 

  • Creamy mask and massage cream with oil extracts moisturize dry, rough, and uncomfortable feet while deeply penetrating to help rebalance skin texture. 

  • Paraffin, hot stone, and CBD oil promote longer relaxation, improve circulation, and soothe aching pain while herbal neck warmer relieves stress.

①Rosemary ②Champagne Hour


We use disposable liner, pumice, buffer, and file. 

Addition services: Gel polish (+$20), paraffin wax /hot stone/ collagen socks (+$8), extra massage with CBD oil  (5min/$10, 10min/$15, 15min/$20)

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